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James PictureA Long Time ago in A Galaxy Far, Far Away….

Hey I’m James. 37 year old Star Wars enthusiast. I grew up with the movies and just absolutely love all of the websites, products, memes, and lure.

This site is here to pay homage to the greatest movie of all time, through backpacks. While I cover mostly the coolest looking backpacks in the Star Wars universe, I will also review pretty much any Star Wars related messenger bag, tote bag, buddy pack, luggage etc…

With so many fantastic and fun products dedicated to either movie themes, individual characters, vehicles, quotes, logos, and ideas it will be a tough task to cover them all on this site, but I will try my best to bring you the best of the galaxy.

I wish I could own them all, but like Lieutenant Telsij says, “…there’s too many of them”. Some of you may be thinking what adult is gonna own these backpacks, but you’d be surprised how wearing these to the office can really add some personality, spark up conversations and build new relationships.

I hope that you enjoy this website. These backpacks are not just fun to own, but I personally think they are fun to look at. There is so much creativity in the creation of these bags, they really become almost like owning a piece of art.

If you feel like I am missing any key players from the movies or want me to review/discuss any particular Star Wars backpack, you can give me a shout on my contact page.

For other related Star Wars products, you can check out my other page dedicated to Star Wars Mugs.




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