Star Wars Backpacks for Adults and Teens

Star Wars Backpacks for Adults and Teens

Finding the perfect Star Wars Backpack for work or school can be tough. First there are so many choices and second how do you walk the line between awesome Star Wars fan and being too nerdy!

I got you covered here with classic book bag style Star Wars backpacks that not only are super functional awesome backpacks, but will turn heads and start conversations when people take a look at what you are carrying. Check out these Star Wars backpacks below…this is the best of adult and teen backpacks at Amazon.

Here are a few of the most popular choices, but for the full range checkout the bottome of this page!

Book Bags for Adults and Teens

Adult and Teen Star Wars Book Bag Selection Advice

There are some amazing choices like the Boba fett Mandalorian backpack to the Retro Style Flash Tattoo Star Wars book bags. All of the above packs are pretty universal, geared towards either sex, and are all large style backpacks for teens and adults. Before you purchase a Star Wars backpack and go strolling in to Mos Eisley like your a Jedi I would urge you to consider a few things…

Backpack Quality is Important

Luke Skywalker backpackThere are two popular brands in Adult Star Wars backpacks BioWorld and Loungefly, both which have several bags featured above, but there are others. While the two companies I mentioned here make quality book bags, make sure you read Amazon reviews. There seems to be mixed quality and alot of knock offs in the Star Wars backpack market. Look for good reviews and only buy officially licensed Star Wars gear. 99% of the time it will say it in the Amazon Description if it’s official.

Durability for School and/or Work

Backpacks don’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t last a long time. Most adult backpacks are made of canvas or polyester and that is fine for most usage. Some of the these backs are even machine washable and have an equivalent long life of a Jansport book bag. Remember it not only needs to be a great piece of Star Wars lure, but it needs to withstand the rigors of work and school.

Knapsack Sizes Can Range From Jawa to Wookie

All of the book bags above were chosen because of their size. These are large 16+ in or larger backpacks and many of them have large main compartments, laptop storage, and additional features. Read reviews about what size laptops they can hold or how many books you can pack into them. Looks are only half the battle here, functionality is just as important.

These bags here would not be appropriate for young children as they are just to big. For smaller backpacks that will fit a young Jedi you can checkout our Star Wars School Bags For Kids page. There you will find more appropriate sizes and themes.

Comfort For Your Mission

StarWars Backpack StormtrooperStraps have a lot do with weight distribution and comfort. Padded straps as opposed to vinyl straps will make a bag feel better on your shoulders for extended periods. Most bags also have adjustable straps which is the best way to distribute the weight of the bag correctly on your back.

Star Wars Themed School Bags Make Great Gifts

There are quite a few different themes above and alot to consider before making a purchase. If you are buying an Star Wars backpack for a teenager or an adult you may want to find out first what they are into. Star Wars backpacks are awesome, but people are real particular about what they collect.

For the most part though the styles above are all pretty similar classic book bag style packs. If what you are looking for isnt’t above, you may also consider a messenger bag as an alternative.

Being that this is the largest grossing movie franchise of all time, you can find almost any character you want for your bag. I have really seen them all…from hairy Chewbacca packs to R2D2 Rolling bags with wheels. If you are willing to do some digging there are alot of great custom made bags on sites like Etsy which range from characters to paintings of epic space battles. While some of those choices are amazing…they don’t always last as long as the selections you can get from companies like Bio World or LoungeFly.

Prices Vary

In the list above the prices vary a bit from pack to pack. Often Amazon has multiple versions of the same pack by different sellers. I did my best to pick out all the lowest priced bags, but it never hurts to double check to make sure you are getting the best Star Wars backpack for your money.

On average a good star Wars adult backpack should probably range from $40 to $60. For my money anything more than that, better blow my freakin mind or be absolutely a show stopper, like the Rebel Alliance Icon backpack. Any adult or teen backpack under $25, i question the quality of, so just make sure you read Amazon reviews.

3 Most Popular Star Wars Backpack for Grown Ups

Everybody has their own preference and style, but adults tend to make more conservative choices as they are looking for a bag that they can carry to work or their graduate program. Here are the top 3 selling SW book bags on that tend to be purchased by adults and/or a more mature and conservative audience.

Boba Fett Mandalorian Back Pack

Boba Fett BackpackThis bag is designed to look like the armor worn by the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett and even includes an awesome logo of Slave One. This is a large style bag with a laptop compartment and plenty of room with multiple pockets. The colors on this bag make it a perfect mix of conservative for work, but show off that you are a Star Wars nerd. You can more about this bag here.

Rebel Alliance Icon Pack

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Icon BackpackThis back pack is modeled after the X-Wing fighter pilot uniforms and has a great rebel alliance logo on it. This bag is large and has a laptop compartment and multiple pouches for carrying extra stuff. The bright orange color with the contrasting white back pocket make it really standout. If you are looking to put your fandom on full display then this is the bookbag for you. You can read more about it here.

Flash Tattoo StarWars Book Bag

Star Wars Flash Tattoo BackpackThe Flash Tattoo bag has an all over print of retro flash tattoo’s of characters and quotes from the movie. Some of the tattoo’s feature C3PO, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, and Darth Vader. This bag is perfect for a man or a woman and the varying colors have a great washed out look that can go with anything. This bag is more of a traditional canvas school bag style, but it is large and can pack quite a bit. You can read more about it here.

StarWars Backpacks for Adults and Teens

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Back Packs Licensed By Disney…

In my experience many of these bags (even the officially Disney licensed ones) ship from China. If you are ordering a back pack you will normally wait a few days before it is shipped and then it takes a few days once it’s in transit. The manufacturing of these carry bags costs a lot less money overseas, which is why they do that. Most of these bags are not made by Disney, they are licensed by Disney…which simply means they have the rights to use the movie name and or themes. You can find ones that are made by Disney…look for their logo on the bag as well if that is the brand you want.

Whats The Best Star Wars Backpack?

Without a doubt the Boba Fett Mandalorian backpack is the best selling on this site, but maybe your just not into the bounty hunter and your more of the rebel pilot type. What is your favorite SW boog bag in the galaxy and who do you side with the empire or the rebellion? Let me know in the comments below…which backpacks you like the best?