Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag

Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag

If you need a bag to carry all the tools to fix the hyper drive on the Millennium Falcon, then this Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag is a MUST OWN.

This mini messenger bag has a great Chewbacca style shoulder harness and is big enough to hold a tablet, wallet, and other items that a wookiee needs for space travel.

Let the Wookiee Win

This messenger bag is a great size for a tablet or small laptop. It is also great for notebooks or textbooks. It has a small pocket on the inside and another zippered mesh pocket located under the flap. The mesh pocket is great for stuff you don’t want to dig around in the bottom of the bag for. While this is a mini messenger bag, it feels pretty deep!

The wide Chewbacca style adjustable strap is 41 inches long when fully extended. this bag would fit perfect on an average size woman, but may be a little on the short side, if you are over 5’10

Made Wookiee Tough

This is a really strong mini messenger bag put together really well. It is made of 90% PU/10% Polyester and has very thick stitching and piping. The strap is attached via two metal clips.

Great Star Wars Feel

Chewbacca Star Wars

The strap is obviously what makes this have such a great Star Wars feel. The brown color of the bag and the strap match the Chewbacca likeness very well. There is a nice embossed Star Wars logo on the top of the flap. The only thing this bag is missing is a crossbow!

Similar Bag

Chewbacca Leather Messenger BagThere is another Chewbacca Messenger bag, that is equally awesome. It’s a full size Star Wars Chewbacca Leather Messenger Bag and features many of the same characteristics of the Mini Messenger bag I have shown above. If you want to check out the similar leather bag, click here.

It’s Not Wise To Upset A Wookiee

Not matter which style Chewbacca Messenger bag you choose, you can’t go wrong. These Chewbacca messenger bags look great and will get a lot of attention as your flying around the galaxy at light speed. If you are a Star Wars fan girl and looking for your Han Solo, this bag just might be what attracts the intergalactic scoundrel you are looking for.

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Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag

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What do you think about this Chewbacca messenger bag? Do you wish it was covered in Chewbacca’s fur, or do you love the design as is? Let me know in the comments below.

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