Star Wars Laptop Bags, Sleeves, and Cases

Star Wars Laptop Bags, Sleeves, and Cases

Looking for a Star Wars laptop bag or laptop sleeve? This page covers all the best Star Wars laptop cases in the galaxy!

Nothing expresses your inner Star Wars nerd better than busting out your computer with an awesome Star wars scene or character on your laptop bag. Not only that, these bags will spark up quite a bit on conversation.

Check out all the Star Wars laptop bags, cases, and sleeves below, and set your laptops deflector shield to fully operational!

Star Wars Laptop Bag Buying Advise

There are quite a few Star Wars laptop bags, cases, and sleeves available on Amazon it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. Almost all of the laptop protective gear featured above comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different laptops. In addition to considering a traditional style laptop bag or sleeve, you could also consider backpacks that have a laptop compartment.

Before you make a purchase of a laptop bag and go dialing into the Death Stars main computer system, there are a few things you should consider before making a purchase of a carrying case…

Protecting Your Laptop

When it comes to your laptop, notebook, or Macbook protecting it has to be priority number one. A laptop bag of backpack are typically made with padding and are good for transport, a case is normally a hard shell and made to take the biggest beating, and a sleeve is more for protecting against scratches in your home. Make sure you are choosing a bag that meets your protection needs, you don’t ever want your computer caught with it’s shied down.

Quality of Materials Matters

There are many different companies that make these Star Wars laptop bags, cases, and sleeves all of which vary in materials, design, and reputation. I urge you to read the Amazon reviews to ensure you are getting a quality product. when it comes to Star Wars merchandise there are alot of knockoffs on the market. Make sure you check the descriptions for the words “officially licensed”. 99% of the time says it in the Amazon Description if it’s official.

Also remember that while Star Wars is owned by Disney, not all of these are made by Disney. Many of these products are made by other companies that pay disney for the right to use the themes and characters from the movies.

Durability for Your Mission

Laptop bags, sleeves, and cases don’t last forever, but you do want something with a great shelf life that will continue to look good for a long time. The most common issues found with laptop bags, sleeves, and cases are with the stitching that holds the straps on, the bottom of the cases that support the weight, or the zippers. Check out the Amazon reviews and see what other customers are saying. It’s great to get a Star Wars laptop bag, but who needs one that will only last a week.

Obviously for anything to last you need to treat it right and take care of it, but with that being said, your laptop is something that you use all the time…which means your bag, case, or sleeve are going to be opened and closed alot.

The Right Size for Your Computer

Laptop bags, sleeves, and cases obviously need to be able to fit your specific laptop. No sense getting a 13 in sleeve if you have a 17 in laptop. Make sure you check the dimensions of the case, bag, or sleeve to ensure it matches the dimensions of your laptop, notebook, or Macbook. Almost all of the products come in varying sizes. If you are buying one of these carrying bags on Amazon, you can often select which particular model of computer you have to see if there is an option for your device.

Comfort For Carrying

Remember your computer has weight to it and once you put it in a bag, case, or sleeve it will weigh more. Typically the more a bag was the more protection it offers. Also you may need to throw the case around your shoulder with a strap. The wider the strap the more comfortable it will sit on your shoulder.

Shoulder straps are not the most ergonomically friendly design because they don’t distribute the weight evenly across your body. If that is something you want to avoid, you can also find a Star wars backpack that also has a laptop compartment, like the Rebel Alliance backpack.

Sleeves are not ideal for carrying and comfort. These are typically considered for lite travel and are designed more to be used in your home.

Star Wars Themes

There are certainly many different Star Wars themes and characters when it comes to laptop carrying cases. If you are buying one as a gift for someone, it may be best to find out if they are particular about any specific character or movie. To some Star Wars fans, not any Star Wars stuff will do, they may only collect a specific theme.

While you can find almost any movie character or battle scene at the popular retail outlets, Etsy is another great place to look for custom painted laptop sleeves. These are most likely not officially licensed Star Wars merch, however if you are looking for something truly unique that may be a good place to explore.

Prices Vary

Prices are going to vary based on the level of protection you want to get. A sleeve tends to be the least expensive, a bag mid, and a hard shell case the most expensive. There is also a variety of sellers who sell the same products on Amazon with different prices. I did my best to only feature the lowest priced versions above, but it wouldn’t hurt to double check to make sure you are getting the best laptop bag for your money.

Most Popular Star Wars Laptop Bag

The most popular Star Wars laptop bag is actually not a bag but a backpack; The Rebel Alliance backpack which has a laptop compartment. However if you are looking for something more traditional than that may not be what is best for you.

StormTrooper Laptop Sleeve CaseThe HP Star Wars Special Edition sleeve shown here to the right is our highest selling sleeve. It has a a dark grey color and a worn look reminiscent of the battle tested exterior of a Star Destroyer, it features a StormTropper holding a blaster, and it has a tatered red Galactic Empire logo behind the soldier. Of course if you don’t have any HP than maybe this isn’t for you…

Star Wars Laptop Bags, Cases, and Sleeves

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Whats Your Favorite?

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