Star Wars Luggage, Suitcases, and Rolling Bags

Star Wars Luggage, Suitcases, and Rolling Bags

Planning on traveling the galaxy? Then you are gonna need to pack for a long trip…

Get an awesome piece of Star Wars luggage for you or your child for your trip! Whether you are planning on traveling to Mos Eisely, Hoth, or even the Death Star, there is something on this page for every Star Wars fan. These luggage pieces will not only speak to your inner Star Wars nerd, but they will stir up a lot of great conversations.

Many of the selections featured here come in a variety of sizes, that you can choose at Amazon. Some even offer the same luggage piece with different characters. For example the piece featured on the left is offered in Darth Vader, R2D2, or a Stormtrooper.

Check out the luggage pieces below and find your favorite Star Wars character or scene.

May the force be with you as you travel the galaxy!

Star Wars Suitcase Buying Advice

You can find variety of different pieces of luggage from duffle bags to hard shell cased pieces and also a few kids and adult luggage options. Above is some of the most popular choices on Amazon, but we will show you all the choices by the end of this article. Before you purchase a piece of Star Wars luggage I would encourage you to consider a few things…

Luggage Quality

There are many different manufactures of Star Wars luggage all varying in materials, design, and overall quality. I would highly recommend reading the Amazon reviews and taking a look at other customers experiences just to ensure you are getting a good quality piece of luggage that will hold up well not only on your current travel, but many travels their after.

When it comes to Star Wars suitcases the market has a lot of knock offs so you want to ensure you are getting officially licensed Star Wars merchandise. 99% of the time it will list “officially licensed” in the Amazon Description which is a pretty good indication that it is legit. Customer reviews are also a good indicator.

Also worth noting these products are not always made by Disney, they are licensed by Disney which means they may be manufactured by another company and shipped from overseas. If you are planning on needing this luggage for a trip next week you may need to see where the item is shipping from.

Durability for Airplanes, Cruises, Trunks Etc…

Luggage doesn’t last forever, but it should last a long time and make many trips. Depending on the design and style of your luggage there are a handful of items that normally wear and tear first. The handles and zippers particularly are the first to go on luggage. Rolling luggage’s lifespan may vary depending on if you dragging it through the airport or a rough sidewalk. Check out the reviews, obviously normal wear and tear are OK, but just double check to make sure you are getting something that can withstand the rigors of being thrown around on a conveyor belt at the airport or the smuggling cargo bays on the Millennium Falcon

Size to Meet Your Traveling Needs

If you are looking for a bag for an overnight trip, than perhaps luggage is a bit much and you may want to consider a Star Wars backpack instead. Otherwise the Star Wars luggage items above and below on this page should have you covered with a nice variety of sizes. If you check the descriptions at Amazon they often list the dimensions if the luggage piece. Here customer reviews are handy…you can often see if the size of the luggage in the pictures met the customers expectations.

Just remember when it comes to size to get something big enough for your trip or small enough to be carry on for a plane depending on your need. Getting your favorite Star Wars character or movie scene is awesome, but what good is a Darth Vader suitcase for your child, if it doesn’t met your functionality needs.

Carry Bag or Rolling Luggage

How far are you going to have to lug your bag around. You may want to consider rolling wheels if you know that you have a long trek from your terminal to your X-Wing fighter. If you are buying a piece of luggage for a child and they are old enough to manage it themselves, wheels are always a good option so that they don’t have to carry the weight and/or drag a piece of luggage on the ground.

Suitcases With Star Wars Themes

When it comes to Star Wars there are so many different movie themes and characters to consider. If you are buying Star wars luggage for someone else though I would urge to double check what their Star Wars interests are. For some people they only collect specific themes and not just any Star Wars item will do.

Best Star Wars Luggage for Kids

R2D2 The American Tourister Disney 21 Inch Upright Hard Side Suitcase is the highest rated and a best seller among all SW luggage selection. Not only does this droid make a great companion for your child, but it is built tough and fits on airline carry on. The American Tourister travel pieces by Disney are really well made and are among the best selling luggage choices for traveling with kids.

Prices Vary

Different styles and sizes of luggage command different prices. Also Amazon often has multiple sellers who sell the same item and because of that you will see one item listed with possibly different prices. I tried my best in the list above to only select the lowest priced version of the Star Wars luggage, but you should double check Amazon and make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

In the list above the prices vary a bit from pack to pack. Often Amazon has multiple versions of the same pack by different sellers. I did my best to pick out all the lowest priced bags, but it never hurts to double check to make sure you are getting the best Star Wars backpack for your money.

Star Wars Luggage

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Whats Your Favorite?

I personally like anything Darth Vader especially because walking around an airport can feel like strolling around the Death Star, but that’s just me. What is your favorite piece of luggage from the Star Wars collection above? Let me know in the comments below.