Star Wars Messenger Bag

Star Wars Messenger Bag

Finding the perfect Star Wars messenger bag can be tough. There are so many choices in the galaxy and you can’t be strolling around the Death Star with an insufficient means of carrying your light saber and other Jedi Essentials.

So here is what we’re gonna do…

The list below is a quick look at what we culled out of Amazon for the best Star Wars Messenger Bags. Find the perfect messenger bag that will be just the right feel to meet your functionality needs and quell your inner Star Wars nerd…Now go fulfill your destiny!

Choosing the Right Star Wars Messenger Bag

Above we covered it all, but for me I think the Chewbacca messenger bags are my favorite. The above messengers vary in size and while their are certainly a few geared towards women, there are still some for guys as well. Before you purchase a Star Wars messenger bag, there are a few things you should consider…

Bag Quality Is Important

All of these bags vary in brands and country they were manufactured in. I would urge you to read the Amazon reviews, just to double check that the messenger bag will hold up to your expectations and is made of quality materials. When it comes to SW bags in general, there are a lot of knock off’s, so look for officially licensed Star Wars merchandise, to ensure you are getting a legitimate Star Wars high quality product.

Just because Disney owns the Star Wars franchise doesn’t mean they manufacturer all of the products. Many of these carry cases are made by other companies who license the right to use the movies themes and characters. if you are looking for something specifically licensed by Disney than you will need to make sure that the bag has the Disney logo and trademark on it.

Durability for Travel

Messenger bags, just like any other bag, do have a shelf life and are not gonna last for an eternity. That does not mean that it shouldn’t last a long time and be durable. While these messenger bags vary in material and design, look for messengers with good reviews and materials like vinyl, leather, and canvass. On a messenger bag the first parts to deteriorate are normally the strap attachments and the bottom of the bag. these are the two pieces that are most effected by the weight of what you carry in it.

Size Matters

Star Wars messenger bags all have different sizes (from Jawa size to wookie) and you may need to make a compromise between a cool bag with your favorite Star Wars character and a bag that you can pack all of your stuff in. When you head over to amazon, just make sure you read the reviews and descriptions. Alot of time people in the reviews will tell you exactly how much and what kind of stuff the bag will fit in it.

If you are look for a child size bag, you can find some Star Wars bags for kids here. There are some messenger bags more suited for children sizes on that page.

Comfort on Your Shoulder

Messenger bags are not the most ergonomic design for bags because they do not distribute weight evenly across your body. With that being said you may want to at least consider a bag with a comfortable strap. Typically the wider the strap the more comfortable the bag will be on your shoulder. Some bags feature extra padding or a pad that can be adjusted so you can move it to the spot most comfortable on your shoulder.

Messenger Bags With Star Wars Themes

There are so many Star Wars messenger bags to choose in the galaxy and finding the right one isnt easy. Some are traditional messenger crossbody style bags, while others are actually laptop cases.

If you are looking to give a messenger bag as a gift to a Star Wars fan, you may want to consider making sure you know what they are into before you make a purchase. People are particular about certain characters or themes with their Star Wars stuff, for some people they only collect one particular character.

The other thing to consider is style of messenger bag and if perhaps you can’t find exactly what you like, perhaps a Star Wars backpack may be a decent alternative.

Most Popular Messenger Bag is Anything With Chewbacca

Chewbacca Messenger BagMost Chewbacca bags feature an awesome shoulder strap the the Wookie wears which is what i think makes people love them so much. I have even seen some of these which have fur. I think these bags are a nice mix of great messenger bag and Star Wars fandom because they don’t scream movie nerd, but definitely show of your love for the franchise. You can read more about these bags here.

Prices Vary

Prices for Star Wars Messengers vary. Often Amazon will have multiple versions of the same bag being offered at different prices by different sellers. I did my best to cull through all of the bags above and pick out the bags with only the lowest price points. I would encourage you though to look on Amazon and make sure you are getting the best messenger bag for your money.

In my opinion a good Star Wars messenger bag should sell between $35 and $60 US dollars. If you are getting something with leather then I certainly think it is OK to pay $70+. Just bear in mind that with Star Wars merchandise low cost probably means low quality, but high priced sometimes means they prices are jacked up because its Star Wars merch!

Star Wars Messenger Bags

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Whats Your Favorite?

There are obviously many things to consider for these bag choices such as character, theme, or even just Empire or Rebellion…Which one is your favorite Star Wars messenger bag? Let me know in the comments below.