Star Wars Rebel Alliance Icon Backpack – BioWorld

Star Wars Rebel Alliance Icon Backpack – BioWorld

If you’re planning on visiting the Dagobah System, this Star Wars X-Wing Pilot backpack, can carry enough stuff to stay and complete your training. Not only does this iconic backpack look great, but is large, has lots of pockets and it is super functional. At first glance this thing looks like it’s get less storage space than an X-Wing fighter, but it’s got more space than a smuggling compartment on the Millennium Falcon.

Let’s break down and see what the rebels are up to…

The Rebel Alliance Backpack Has Lots Of Storage

Luke Skywalker backpackIt measures approximately width 14″, length 19″, depth 6″. It contains a padded laptop pocket that can fit a 15 inch laptop with room to spare and it will hold your computer safely and securely. It also has a lot of pockets, places to store earbuds, your laptop charger, and anything else you can think of and that is just in the extra pockets. Every zippered pouch on the Rebel Alliance Backpack has additional pockets inside and long velcro flaps are on all of them that will seal them shut.

The Main part of the backpack is where you are gonna store your stolen plans of the Death Star and you can do it even if it takes you two 3 ring binders. All of that can be zipped up and hidden away to avoid any trouble of the imperial kind.

Super Durable And Looks Official

Rebel alliance backpackIt is made out or Acrylic and Nylon and can certainly take a beating and a few shots from a Stormtrooper blaster. The orange hand washed material is really eye catching and has a nice contrast next to the white padding. Everything about the way this bag looks is super authentic. There is also a stitched on Rebel Alliance logo on the back and a Star Wars logo, on the front of the left shoulder strap.

Anybody who knows the movie franchise see’s this item and says….”great backpack, where did you get it”. There is no other book bag in my collection that gets this same exact reaction. This one looks like it is straight out of the original trilogy.

An Iconic Look

This bag will go over well both in school and at the office. What makes it standout is that it doesn’t have charters or comics on it, it really looks like a prop book bag for a rebel pilot and feels like a really mature backpack. It is made very similar to the movie feel of the Stormtrooper Backpack and the Boba Fett Mandalorian Backpack.

The bright orange body of the pack and the large white ribbed pocket on the back make such great contrast and a throwback to that 70’s look. Ironically enough the bright orange color has come back into the mainstream over the last 5 years as a hugely popular color.

Luke Skywalker backpack

Update Aug 2017

Star Wars Rebel Backpack From BioWorld After 2 Years of Use…

I have had the Bio World Star Wars Rebel backpack for about 2 years now and it is still in great shape. I have taken good care of it because it’s my favorite book bag. The front white pocket, has picked up some minor dirt and wear from use, but in all honesty it looks like its battle worn gear now. In the beginning I use to wipe down the white areas with a wet rag to keep them looking clean, but over time I got a little lazy.

All my the zippers and velcro are still 100% functional and there hasn’t even been feathering of the materials in the high used areas around the pockets and main compartments.

To Younger Kids Its Not a Luke Skywalker Backpack…

With the resurgence of the movie franchise in the last 2 years with Force Awakens, Rogue One, and now the last Jedi coming out this back pack is more popular than ever amongst my friends and work colleagues.

I was actually not sure if the younger millennials at my job would get the whole Luke Skywalker rebel pilot thing…and they don’t. Anybody under 25 years old says “oh that’s a cool Poe Dameron backpack”…lol. If you are not familiar Poe Dameron is a rebel X-wing assault pilot in the movie Rogue One. Poe sports a similar version of uniform to Luke Skywalker’s original, which makes sense because these movies fall into almost the same timeline.

You can see below how much the rebel pilot uniform still resembles the Bioworld backpack. The orange is a little bit deeper in Poe’s uniform, but the rebel pilot look and feel of the original is still there.

BioWorld Rebel Alliance Backpack

Call it what you want…to me this will always be the Luke Skywalker backpack. I do appreciate though that the younger generation can now relate to it.

Join The Rebellion And Feel Like An X-Wing Pilot

This essential piece of Rebel Alliance gear comes with me to work everyday and has held up extremely well. It is talked about and envied by my co-workers and friends. What’s funny is they all want to buy one, but no one would dare to bit my style especially with this pack since it is beyond unique.

This pack is more than a backpack, it is more like standard issue gear for Rebel pilots. It will satisfy your inner nerd, draw up lots of conversation, and definitely be a hit with the ladies (women love a man in uniform). The Star Wars Rebel Alliance Icon backpack is extremely well reviewed at Amazon, with over 100 reviews and a 4.5 rating. If you are looking for a backpack that is gonna turn heads when you walk into Mos Isley, this it!

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Star Wars Rebel Alliance Icon Backpack
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What is your favorite part of the look of the Rebel Alliance backpack? Let me know in the comments below.

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