Star Wars The Force Awakens BB8 Handbag Review

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB8 Handbag Review

Move over R2D2 there is a new droid in the Star Wars galaxy and it goes by the name of BB8. This droid handbag is from Star Wars The Force Awakens and is now the cutest little handbag on the market.

This mini dome bag by Loungefly from Star Wars the Force Awakens will speak to the inner core of your rebel alliance nerdiness and may be one of snazziest looking piece of Star Wars merchandise ever made.

The BB-8 droid dome shaped handbag is perfect for carrying your essentials and leading the resistance against the galactic Empire.

The Force Awakens BB 8 Handbag Specs

The Star Wars BB8 handbag is made of Polyvinyl Chloride/Nylon and it measures 8.5 inches from the bottom to the top zipper and it’s 9.5 inches wide. If you raise up the handles, it’s about 13 inches tall. It features a top zipper for securing your belongings and on the inside (which is nicely lined) an interior zip and pouch pockets.

The Force Awakens Handbag BB8

Here are the specs according to Amazon:

    Polyvinyl Chloride/Nylon
    100% Polyester lining
    Zipper closure
    Pockets: 1 interior slip, 1 interior zip
    Made in China

BB 8 Is A Great Droid

Star Wars The Force Awakens HandbagThe BB 8 Force Awakens Handbag is a pretty tiny bag, but packs a lot of cuteness. If you are used to a bigger handbag, these one may feel at bit small;, but…It is great for your essentials like a small wallet, cell phone, make-up kit, a travel sized lotion, keys, and a lip gloss.

You can’t jam alot in there (like it can’t fit a large tablet), but if you keep in mind simple and small you will be fine.

The Interior Pockets

The interior pockets are big enough to hold a small cell phone, but if you had a larger phone like Galaxy S3, you would have to keep it in the main part of the bag.

Totally Star Wars

bb8 Rebel Alliance handbagWhile the size of this little dome bag may have it’s downsides, the impact it will have on your friends on lookers will be huge! This bag is bright, fun, and cute. There is also a really nice silver metal plate on one side of the bag with the Star Wars logo featured. In addition the rivets that attach the handles to the bag are embossed with the Rebel Alliance logo.

Super Durable

The bag very high quality; the material and design feel very durable. The bottom of the bag even has four little metal feet to protect the bottom of the handbag from getting dirty when you set it down. This bag is made of the same quality as the other Star Wars handbags by Loungefly they have gotten outstanding Amazon reviews.

Star Wars Handbag BB8 Droid

Looking for Some BB8 Handbag Add Ons?

One thing that is really cool about this handbag is they made a matching coin purse and wallet (sold separately) to go with it:

Star Wars BB8 Coin Purse Star Wars BB8 Wallet

The one thing that makes this bag so awesome is the color. Even if you don’t want to rock it with the wallet or the coin purse, the beautiful bright orange color will look great with the right pair of sneakers.

Star Wars Mini Dome Bags

There are a few other Star Wars mini dome bags in the Loungefly series that all have the same feel. You can check the reviews out for those, by clicking on each bag below:

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If you looking for more star Wars handbag choices, you can checkout other Star Wars handbags here.

The Force Finally Awakens

If you are rebel at heart and looking for the next R2D2 type droid, then this is your bag. The colors are brilliant and this handbag will get a lot of attention weather you are walking around Disney or carrying it to work or school.If you are a rebel at heart join the alliance and pick up the BB-8 Force Awakens handbag

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Star Wars BB8 Handbag

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