Star Wars Tote Bag

Star Wars Tote Bag

If you are looking for a Star Wars tote bag, then you have come to the best place in the galaxy.

Whether you want something Star Wars movie theme, movie quote, or dedicated to a Star Wars specific movie character, we have culled out the best tote bags on Amazon and curated you an enormous list.

This page full of totes will speak to your inner Star Wars nerd as well as give you a functional tote bag that can carry all your stuff and spark some great conversation. Whether you are looking for a bag for school, work, or strolling around Mos Eisley, there is a tote here for every need.

Take a look below and enjoy a few tote bags that the galaxy has to offer.

Star Wars Tote Bag Buying Advise

With so many Star Wars totes to choose from, picking the right one can be a tough decision. Before making a purchase of a Star Wars tote bag or an any Star Wars merchandise for that matter, there are a few things you should consider…

Look For A Quality Tote Bag

There are many manufactures of tote bags and they all vary in reputation, bag design, and materials. There are two areas on a tote bag that tend to wear first, the stitching that holds the handles and the bottom of the bag that supports the weight. Make sure you read Amazon reviews to make sure you are getting a quality tote that meets other customer expectations.

In the Star Wars merchandise market there is always a potential for knock offs. When you read the descriptions on Amazon look for officially licensed Star Wars products.

Durability For Your Needs

Tote bags aren’t gonna last forever, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t hold up against the rigors of life. Canvas or leather are usually your best durable materials for a tote, but there are other reliable materials. If you are looking at reusable shopping bags, I would highly advise using them for that purpose and they will hold up fine.

If you are looking to take your Star Wars fandom to the beach or to work, then canvas is often the preferred material. These tend wear similar to a book bag. Normally on a tote the two parts that wear the fastest are the handles and the bottom of the bag and thats because they do the most work carrying the weight of what you have inside of it.

Tote Bag Size

Tote bags do vary in size, but are typically pretty large often being able to lug around books, binders, and other essentials.If you look below the Amazon descriptions there is usually a listing of the exact size of the bag. You can also check the reviews and people will tell you what the size is and if the picture meet their expectations. It’s always hard to get a feel for size of bags on the internet…here user reviews are super helpful.


Just cause a Star Wars bag features your favorite character, doesn’t mean it’s the best tote bag. Make sure you are finding a tote that not only speaks to your inner Star Wars nerd, but fits your practical needs for carrying stuff. There is no sense in getting a bag if you can’t use it! Some of these totes do have features more like a purse such as interior pockets.

Star Wars Themes

Star Wars themed totes are great, because there are some with great quotes and others with great characters. If you are buying a tote as a gift for a Star Wars fan, then you should find out first if they are into anything in particular. For some people they only collect one specific Star Wars character or theme.

Perhaps if one of these totes doesn’t suite your fancy, then a Star Wars handbag might be worth a look.

The Star Wars totes below feature not only some of the great movie characters, but also some quotes and quips about the movie. One of my favorites is the tote that says “I speak Bocce”, which is a reference to a small part in Episode IV A New Hope.

Prices Vary

Depending on what type of Star wars tote you are looking for prices greatly vary. The totes by Loungefly tend to be more heavy duty handbag style totes, while others are simple canvas or plastic grocery totes and they are priced according to quality and use. Typically with any Star Wars stuff there are many Amazon sellers all selling the same tote with different prices. I tried my best to only represent the lowest priced version of the tote, but you should still look around and make sure you are getting the best tote for your money.

Star Wars Tote Bags

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Whats Your Favorite?

I love these Star Wars totes for the nostalgia and how funny some of them are. These totes can make a great impression no matter where you carry them to. What is your favorite Star Wars tote bag? Let me know in the comments below.